Membership Requirements



Once successfully completing the Application Process, you are an Active Member.

Actives attend General Meetings and volunteer to serve on the various committees that support RVWL fundraising events for Adopt A Family of Marin.  While most Board positions are filled prior to the first General Meeting, new Actives may apply for any open position, including Board positions (if available), Gala Chairs and Gala Committee Chairs.

Each Active Member is obligated to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pay Annual Dues of $125 no later than February 15th.*

  • Attend a minimum of seven meetings annually.

  • Make a $75 contribution to Adopt A Family of Marin for the Wine Auction OR contribute a Wine Magnum of similar retail value no later than April 30th.*

  • Contribute one other item to the Silent or Live Auction, or participate in Fund A Need.  

  • Volunteer for a Gala Committee position.

  • Serve as chair of a committee within her first three years of membership.

The outgoing Board will review membership fulfilments and standing annually after the Gala and make determinations as to whether members remain in good standing.  The Executive Board will determine when a member is not in good standing (ie., does not fulfill the requirements above), and whether that member should continue in RVWL. The President will notify the member of her status.

More detailed information on Active Member requirements is laid out in the Governing Documents.** 

While not required, each Active is highly encouraged to participate in at least two volunteer activities sponsored by Adopt A Family of Marin as highlighted in Marin County Impact.

*Dues and wine donation subject to change.

**For a copy of the RVWL Governing Documents, contact RVWL.

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