Modus Operandi

Ross Valley Women’s League operates under newly amended Bylaws and a set of Policies and Procedures (the Playbook), referred to collectively as the Governing Documents.  The Governing Documents provide a roadmap for the manner in which RVWL provides exclusive financial support for Adopt A Family of Marin to make a difference in the communities served by Adopt A Family of Marin. The Governing Documents incorporate four main components to achieve RVWL’s overall goals:

  • Sponsorship: to increase fundraising, solicit and respect donor support and encourage long-term corporate commitments.

  • Membership: to nurture and provide an environment that supports the Mission Statement.

  • Community Impact: to make a difference in the communities served by Adopt A Family of Marin.

  • RVWL Brand and Community Relations: to increase visibility in the community and leverage the strength of the RVWL.

For a complete copy of the RVWL Governing Documents, please contact RVWL.

RVWL conducts multiple fundraising events throughout the year and donates all of the proceeds to Adopt A Family of Marin.  The two entities operate under a long-term Memorandum of Understanding.  Under the terms of the agreement, which will remain in effect from 2015-2020, RVWL is committed exclusively to Adopt A Family of Marin.


Adopt A Family of Marin prevents homelessness and provides stability for families in crisis.  As an integral part of the circle of protection for struggling families in the Marin community, Adopt A Family’s mission and actions focus on increasing the stability of individual families. Its larger goal is to increase the capacity to develop and follow best practices to prevent homelessness in Marin county.  For additional information, please visit

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