Supporting Marin County Families

"After we received short notice that the affordable home we had been renting for the past 8 years was being sold, we scrambled to join the extremely competitive and expensive Marin rental market. We were days away from being homeless, however Adopt A Family stepped in and assisted us with the much needed deposit to secure a new residence."

— James, Liza, and Olivia

Since it was founded in 1965, Ross Valley Women’s League (RVWL) has been a strong advocate for Marin County families and children. In 1997, RVWL made the decision to dedicate its fundraising efforts exclusively to Adopt A Family of Marin (AAF).

Since then, RVWL Members have raised more than $5.5 million for, and contributed countless volunteer hours to, this local non-profit organization.

We are proud to support Adopt A Family, an award winning and well run organization.

Adopt a Family of Marin provides support services annually to 400-500 low-income families in Marin, including financial assistance with rental and deposit assistance to prevent homelessness, utility payments and other critical basic needs support. They provide case management to help stabilize families, their housing, and protect children from the trauma of homelessness, and support families to meet their goals towards self-sufficiency. Every year, they serve about 1,400 individuals (not including their holiday program helping more than 500 families).




In 2019, Adopt A Family was one of 15 recipients who received $5 million in grants for essential “safety net services” from the Marin Community Foundation (MCF)  MCF awards these grants to well-run organizations in Marin County.

“Many people tend to donate to safety net services most significantly during the holiday season,” according to Dr. Thomas Peters, President and CEO of MCF. “With these multi-year grants we want to increase awareness that these services are critical year-round to individuals and families who are struggling. And by making extended grants, we also want to signal long-term commitment to these well-run organizations, with the hope that others will join in supporting their good work throughout the year.”

In 2019 Adopt a Family was also recognized by the Marin Magazine as the Best Family Give-Back Opportunity


AAF’s larger goal is to increase its capacity to develop and follow best practices to prevent homelessness in the County.


RVWL’s goal is also to continue developing and following best practices to raise funds to support AAF’s in its mission.

Adopt A Family is an integral part of the circle of protection for

struggling families in our community.

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